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    Xiamen Shun Wang Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Contact: Mr. Hung
    Phone: 13799779449
    Phone 0592 -3820388
    Fax 0592 -3820389
    Address: South Road, Jimei District, Xiamen Xing Luan America South Industrial Zone No. 13



    Company Profile
             Xiamen Shun Wang Electronics Co., Ltd. is the development, production, agents, sales as one of the enterprises, the main development and production of all kinds of switches, sockets, connectors aspects of the product, some agents of international brands of switches, sockets, connectors. Main switch touch switch, key switch, toggle switch, power switch, rocker switches, micro switches, DIP switches, vibration (ball) switch, reset switch, touch switch, switch blade, online switch. Main outlet for the DC jack, headphone jack, power socket, USB soc...

    Phone 0592 -3820388 Fax 0592 -3820389 E-mail: shunhongdzi@163.com Address: Jimei District, Xiamen Xing South Road, Industrial Area No. 13 Joseph America Xiamen Shun Wang Electronics Co., Ltd. Tel :0769 -81,767,855 Fax 0769 -82,387,687 E-mail : shunhongdz@163.com address: Dongguan Changan Ha industrial Zone, Dongguan Shun Hung Electronics Co., Ltd. CopyRight? 2013 www.xmshdz.com All Rights Reserved.

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